Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review of Milano

Type: Italian
Price: ***
Service: **
Mmm Rating: 3.0
Bucket List: Nope

I was fortunate to be taken out to lunch today (Sunday the 12th December) to Milano’s on Baggot Street Bridge by the Maher Family (Cheers Mando and Briany). There were six of us and we arrived with no reservation - no problem. The restaurant was busy per se with 4-5 tables on the ground floor. We were seated and presented with the menus. After about five minutes our waitress came back and took our food and drink orders. We waited until just before the starters arrived before we were given our drinks (15 minutes).

I ordered the Bruschetta Originale “Milano” which has simply delicious. The tomatoes were juicy and finely chopped topped with red onion and garlic-drizzled with olive oil and pesto. A simple combination that worked very well. Jack got the Dough Balls “Milano”, and described them as deceiving in their appearance with a lack luster presentation....however the taste MORE than makes up for this. The garlic butter is rich and flavorsome.

I ordered the IL Padrino Pizza (Classic Base)- “torn chicken breast, rustica tomatoes and char grilled Italian vegetables, on a rich sauce of tomato and pesto”- which I have to say was very good. The vegetables were sweet and textured and the chicken was tough (in a good way-imagine roast chicken sandwiches the next day)

Jack got “The American”- and as he describes it-Ronsealed It. Pepperoni Pizza on a thin base. Criticisms- Base too thin ant Pepperoni to sparse, a pizza hit very much by the recession- less dough for the base and less toppings....for the top. Could have been better.

Skipped Desserts- We got an Americano and a Cappuccino to top off our lunch.

Overall the food was fresh, cooked well and reasonably priced. Service was very sluggish though. Our lunch lasted over two hours with no dessert.

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