Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review of Weeping Thaiger, Naas

Background to the meal:

Well what must first be said is that Matt and Ev were under serious time pressure with this one. We had heard about the super deal on main courses (€10 inc. rice/chips) and starters €5, following the Tenors model, for those of you who have not been there yet.

20:10 We told our waitress that were in a hurry and she was most accommodating sitting us down, getting our menus and coming back promptly to take our order. We ordered a portion of Spring Rolls as a starter but had it come with our mains, because we were supposed to go see Hall Pass at 21:15! (Contemplating setting up a movie review blog…Then this would make more sense, but the movie was very good and funny!)

Weeping Thaiger, Naas, Thai


We ordered two dishes that we would both like and then shared them. We ordered a mild chicken Pad Thai and a spicy beef (no.19) with garlic and chilli basil. (Note: both these dishes can be ordered with a selection of meats including chicken, beef, prawns and mixed as well as to a varying degree of spiciness)

All three dishes were promptly delivered within 15 minutes. I personally thought that both dishes were very tasty and contrasted brilliantly with each other. The chicken was sweet and ‘zingy’ and when mixed with the noodles it reminded me of Tagliatelle the next day (in a good way!). The beef was served with fried rice: it was very spicy and had really fresh and crisp vegetables accompanying it. Ev very delicately scraped the seeds off the chilli peppers before she ate them! The rice was light and fragrant, a welcome change from the usual starchy compacted block one would associate with a Chinese takeaway.

After a rather excellent meal with plenty of iced water we asked for the bill. €25- What a super deal?! Fast and friendly service and tasty food for only €25. Definitely recommend them for anyone who’s on a budget or looking to treat themselves a little without going overboard!

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