Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review of Gourmet Burger Kitchen, South William Street

Price: **
Service: ***

Ev’s Take:

I’m a creature of habit in GBK and always order the same thing - the Chilli Burger with chicken instead of beef.  I really like the way you can substitute any of the beef burgers for chicken.  It makes the choice so much wider!  I had asked for my burger to be served with no tomato but when it came it had tomato on it.  Matt’s however, did not, so they had obviously just gotten a bit mixed up – not a very big deal as Matt now had lots of tomato J.  The portion was generous, the bread crumbed chicken was delicious and the bun was fresh and tasty.  The chilli sauce on the burger was plentiful and prevented the burger from being too dry.  These burgers really fill you: great on their own for lunch (2 for 1 Trinity student deal makes one €4.50 – bargain lunch!) or with a few chippies or a salad at dinner time.  This place is good value even without the Trinity Discount Card, as they do deals such as the €9.99 meal which includes chips and a drink, and the Monday Madness deal where all burgers are €4.99.

Matt’s view of the world:

I ordered the Garlic Mayo burger, again with Chicken. Don’t know why I chose chicken, it just seemed more suited to the burger. Anyway the burger was delicious, the chicken was moist and the bread crumbs were crispy! We also got a portion of chips to share and a side of chilli mayonnaise- which is just deadly! It had a real nice kick to it!

As you can see the chips are "real" and earthy. Love when there is a bit of skin on them! 


Thought that this place was very good, quality of the food and the ingredients was excellent. Service was attentive and casual, the waiters were very approachable and happy to help. As mentioned earlier, the place is also very good value. we would advise people to get their hands on a Trinity Discount Card and use it for GBK and Mongolian BBQ. Eating out in recession, doom and gloom Ireland does not have to be expensive. We will probably do a post soon on the best meals for under €20 in the city. Thanks for reading! Matt & Ev

Friday, April 22, 2011

Review of Mongolian BBQ, Temple Bar

Price: **
Service ****

Mongolian Barbeque is an innovative little eatery that I was introduced to by my friend Helen a couple of months ago.  Since then I have spread the joy of their €5 buffet lunch deal to other friends and enjoy a cheap and satisfying lunch there once every couple of weeks.  A group of us enjoyed their culinary delights once evening and discovered the All You Can Eat 2 for 1 Dinner Deal, which comprises, as the name suggests, as much food as you want, for €8!!  Yes, you read right: €8.  It’s usually €15.99 but for all us poor students it’s half price as long as you have a friend to bring and eat with you.

I decided Matt had to experience Mongolian Barbeque for himself instead of just hearing about it from me.  So on a sunny Sunday evening in April we ventured into town for our dinner.  Here’s what we discovered…

First Impressions:
The outside of the restaurant is nothing to write home about, but once we went inside we were greeted by a friendly waitress who showed us to a window seat.  There are other dinner options which include starters and/or desserts which cost more but we just went for the standard all you can eat buffet deal. 

How It Works:
So, here’s how this place operates: there’s a buffet (shown below!) of vegetables (such as peppers, mushrooms, chinese lettuce, water chestnuts, carrots, onions etc) and meats (chicken, beef, pork, prawns) to choose from, as well as a slection of sauces (black bean, thai seet chilli, sweet and sour, honey and soy, tikka masla etc) and herbs and spices.  

There are recipes you can follow if you wish, or you can be a rebel and go with the flow.  Fill your bowl as much as you can and pass it to the chef who will cook it for you in record time in front of your eyes! (Check Out the Slick Video!- First one of the blog!) It’s amazing.  Seriously.  It’s hard to describe but if you’ve seen it you will understand what I mean.  Everyone’s first reactions to this place are the same – “it’s amazing!  It’s fantastic” etc – you get the picture.  When it’s cooked, head back to your table and find a lovely bowl of freshly steamed rice waiting for you to accompany your food.  Nice one. We found this video online, which describes it all!

The Food:
On my first visit to the buffet I piled my dish high with veggies, chicken, a bit of cajun seasoning and black bean sauce.  This combo was delicious.  Some people could find it a bit dry once it’s cooked but you can just throw in some more sauce afterwards to counteract this.  Problem solved!  This dish was delicious with steamed rice and lashings of soy sauce.  Nom nom nom.

On my second visit (yes, I’m a pig, ok?) I had chicken, veggies, garlic, parsley and sweet and sour sauce.  I followed a recipe this time.  Again this was delicious

Now over to Matt for his thoughts on the food…

Having been fortunate enough to have a few nibbles during the day I wasn’t overly hungry when we arrived at Mongolian BBQ. Having said that, I was intrigued by the business model and whenever you hear the phrase “all you can eat”, men generally step up to the plate (lol…) With this in mind I got my first bowl and put in some; red onion, bean sprouts, water chestnuts, peppers, chicken, garlic, chilli powder and then added some black bean sauce with a dash of honey-soy. This may have been a tad too much in terms of flavours, but I think it worked well.

We were both very happy with the food and service! It is a fun and alternative dining experience that you have to try :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Review of The Orchard, Stillorgan

After getting fed up of the chicken fillet roll existence, a group of us decided to go to The Orchard in Stillorgan for a nice tasty lunch. Had heard a bit about this place from a few of the guys in work, but would usually have drank in Boland's, which I think is now McGowan's and the Mill House if I was around Stillorgan.

First Impressions:

Arriving at around ten past one, the car park was jammed, very lucky to get a space- typically a good sign for food!

We were presented with what could easily be the largest selection of lunch options I have ever seen. There was easily 20 different options ranging from soup, open sandwiches, to steak and cottage pies.

The Food:

Eimear decided to order the Goats Cheese Salad:

"The goats  cheese salad is an old favourite of mine at the Orchard. I have had it countless times and have enjoyed it each and every time. The combination of the crispy filo pastry and the soft cheese on a bed of mixed salad is always a winner. Perfect size and always served promptly. Sometimes I wonder if the chef is psychic as everything is served at lightning speed!"

Meghan got the Chicken Tenders with Fries:

"happy enough with the food, can't generally go too wrong with Tenders and chips though! good atmosphere inside and the service was grand"

Rosie ordered the Cottage Pie (which differs from Shepherds Pie as it is made with Beef- who knew eh?):

"In one word- Meh!! Sloppy, a tad tasteless and unsatisfied would be my cottage pie in a nutshell!! Having to use a lot of salt is a poor sign in my opinion, and I used a heck of a lot!!!

Matt (Me) Ordered the Rio Chicken Baguette

I ordered the Rio Chicken Baguette which was basically, marinated chicken pieces in a baguette with Marie rose sauce, lettuce and onion (..I think there was onion) it was also served with a few chippy-wippy's!" it tasted nice if a bit dry.. I later found out from observing another gentleman that it was usually served with a small ramekin of sauce.... woe is me...


It is a nice place for lunch when you fancy a treat for yourself that's not as bad as Eddie Rockets, it is not too expensive, I think the average price was around €10 for the lunch which is not too bad. The service was quite prompt and attentive and we were served our meal with enough time to enjoy it and return to the office.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review of Tenors, Naas

Type: European/ Modern
Price: **
Service: ****

First Impressions:

For those of you, who are unfamiliar with the Tenors Model: all starters and desserts are €5, all mains are €10 and they have a variety of sides and extras (where they make their money). They have two restaurants, one in Naas and the other in Donnybrook. (Left at the lights as you pass Donnybrook Fair, near Madigans)

Myself and Ev have been to Tenors a couple of times before, and were keen to take advantage of their mega super deal of €14 for 3 Courses. Unfortunately we were booked in after 6pm and couldn't avail of the deal.


We both ordered the Caesar Salad for our starters below, apologies for not ordering different things, there were lots of good stuff on the menu like spring rolls, chicken wings, pate and deep fried mushrooms.


I ordered the Cajun Chicken Burger with Bacon, which was served with Chunky Chips. I also got garlic mayo (the worlds greatest sauce)

I thought the burger was really good, juicy and was served with nice red onion and fresh crisp lettuce. It was delivered within 10 minutes of the starters being cleared which I think is always a good sign.

Ev ordered the Bolognese ala Creme, which was served with herbs and fresh Parmesan.. I love when they say fresh Parmesan.. what does that even mean? the stuff takes like 2 years to mature!

Ev of course has her own thoughts: "For my starter I ordered a Classic Caesar Salad.  The portion was generous and it was delicious.  Perhaps there could have been a bit more bacon in mine?  I seemed to have a lot of lettuce left over at the end!

I should explain something: I've been Tenors between 10 and 15 times, I'd say, and every time - EVERY TIME - I have ordered the Chicken Curry.  I know it's tasty.  I know it'll satisfy me.  And I know I'll get a poppadum with it.  It was a big deal for me, therefore, to order...SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  Cue fanfare.  This time, I ordered the Penne Pasta Bolognese A La Creme, and, because I was feeling like a carb fiend, a portion of garlic bread.  Again, it was a large portion (so large that Matt had to help me eat it) and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying something other than my usual Chicken Curry!  The bolognese sauce was creamy, a refreshing change from standard bolognese sauce, and had a slight tangy spicy flavour to it.  Very tasty altogether!  The garlic bread was good too, although it was a rip off at €3 for 2 pieces...

Service was efficient and friendly, and the ambiance was pleasant"

Monday, April 4, 2011

Review of Juniors, Bath Avenue

Juniors, sandwich, steak, Dublin

Juniors, sandwich, chicken, Dublin
The following blog post has been written by friend  Sarah after we went to visit one of the greatest little lunch spots in Dublin. "I think the creation of the Juniors sandwich was an eventful day in the history of Irish food. Here is the steak sambo that I had the pleasure of halving with Matthew - or rather he had the pleasure of sharing with me as he got the bigger half! For my taste buds the mustard over powers each bite - but for mustard eaters this would be an exceptionally tasty sambo.

My favourite has to be the BBQ chicken sambo. Again I shared half with Matt. Its packed with about two breasts of succulent marinated chicken, fresh tomato, some rocket and a special sauce mounted on fresh ciabatta. This messy affair fulfills ones lunch time appetite perfectly.
If your lucky enough to get a seat in Juniors at lunch time you can enjoy the buzz created by those in suits and those in Leinster Rugby gear. Everyone tries (excuse the pun) to squeeze past each other and dodge those sitting on the outside aisles elbows as they lift this ultimate sambo to their mouth. It's a race to get your BBQ chicken order in by 13.30 most days as it gets sold out quite often - especially with this good weather around!

Juniors has a small menu with soup available to accompany any sandwich. The pizzetta bread is one of my favourites also. My advice is to go with a friend order two sambos and share half and half to taste all of their options."