Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review of Gourmet Burger Kitchen, South William Street

Price: **
Service: ***

Ev’s Take:

I’m a creature of habit in GBK and always order the same thing - the Chilli Burger with chicken instead of beef.  I really like the way you can substitute any of the beef burgers for chicken.  It makes the choice so much wider!  I had asked for my burger to be served with no tomato but when it came it had tomato on it.  Matt’s however, did not, so they had obviously just gotten a bit mixed up – not a very big deal as Matt now had lots of tomato J.  The portion was generous, the bread crumbed chicken was delicious and the bun was fresh and tasty.  The chilli sauce on the burger was plentiful and prevented the burger from being too dry.  These burgers really fill you: great on their own for lunch (2 for 1 Trinity student deal makes one €4.50 – bargain lunch!) or with a few chippies or a salad at dinner time.  This place is good value even without the Trinity Discount Card, as they do deals such as the €9.99 meal which includes chips and a drink, and the Monday Madness deal where all burgers are €4.99.

Matt’s view of the world:

I ordered the Garlic Mayo burger, again with Chicken. Don’t know why I chose chicken, it just seemed more suited to the burger. Anyway the burger was delicious, the chicken was moist and the bread crumbs were crispy! We also got a portion of chips to share and a side of chilli mayonnaise- which is just deadly! It had a real nice kick to it!

As you can see the chips are "real" and earthy. Love when there is a bit of skin on them! 


Thought that this place was very good, quality of the food and the ingredients was excellent. Service was attentive and casual, the waiters were very approachable and happy to help. As mentioned earlier, the place is also very good value. we would advise people to get their hands on a Trinity Discount Card and use it for GBK and Mongolian BBQ. Eating out in recession, doom and gloom Ireland does not have to be expensive. We will probably do a post soon on the best meals for under €20 in the city. Thanks for reading! Matt & Ev

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