Monday, April 4, 2011

Review of Juniors, Bath Avenue

Juniors, sandwich, steak, Dublin

Juniors, sandwich, chicken, Dublin
The following blog post has been written by friend  Sarah after we went to visit one of the greatest little lunch spots in Dublin. "I think the creation of the Juniors sandwich was an eventful day in the history of Irish food. Here is the steak sambo that I had the pleasure of halving with Matthew - or rather he had the pleasure of sharing with me as he got the bigger half! For my taste buds the mustard over powers each bite - but for mustard eaters this would be an exceptionally tasty sambo.

My favourite has to be the BBQ chicken sambo. Again I shared half with Matt. Its packed with about two breasts of succulent marinated chicken, fresh tomato, some rocket and a special sauce mounted on fresh ciabatta. This messy affair fulfills ones lunch time appetite perfectly.
If your lucky enough to get a seat in Juniors at lunch time you can enjoy the buzz created by those in suits and those in Leinster Rugby gear. Everyone tries (excuse the pun) to squeeze past each other and dodge those sitting on the outside aisles elbows as they lift this ultimate sambo to their mouth. It's a race to get your BBQ chicken order in by 13.30 most days as it gets sold out quite often - especially with this good weather around!

Juniors has a small menu with soup available to accompany any sandwich. The pizzetta bread is one of my favourites also. My advice is to go with a friend order two sambos and share half and half to taste all of their options." 

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