Friday, April 22, 2011

Review of Mongolian BBQ, Temple Bar

Price: **
Service ****

Mongolian Barbeque is an innovative little eatery that I was introduced to by my friend Helen a couple of months ago.  Since then I have spread the joy of their €5 buffet lunch deal to other friends and enjoy a cheap and satisfying lunch there once every couple of weeks.  A group of us enjoyed their culinary delights once evening and discovered the All You Can Eat 2 for 1 Dinner Deal, which comprises, as the name suggests, as much food as you want, for €8!!  Yes, you read right: €8.  It’s usually €15.99 but for all us poor students it’s half price as long as you have a friend to bring and eat with you.

I decided Matt had to experience Mongolian Barbeque for himself instead of just hearing about it from me.  So on a sunny Sunday evening in April we ventured into town for our dinner.  Here’s what we discovered…

First Impressions:
The outside of the restaurant is nothing to write home about, but once we went inside we were greeted by a friendly waitress who showed us to a window seat.  There are other dinner options which include starters and/or desserts which cost more but we just went for the standard all you can eat buffet deal. 

How It Works:
So, here’s how this place operates: there’s a buffet (shown below!) of vegetables (such as peppers, mushrooms, chinese lettuce, water chestnuts, carrots, onions etc) and meats (chicken, beef, pork, prawns) to choose from, as well as a slection of sauces (black bean, thai seet chilli, sweet and sour, honey and soy, tikka masla etc) and herbs and spices.  

There are recipes you can follow if you wish, or you can be a rebel and go with the flow.  Fill your bowl as much as you can and pass it to the chef who will cook it for you in record time in front of your eyes! (Check Out the Slick Video!- First one of the blog!) It’s amazing.  Seriously.  It’s hard to describe but if you’ve seen it you will understand what I mean.  Everyone’s first reactions to this place are the same – “it’s amazing!  It’s fantastic” etc – you get the picture.  When it’s cooked, head back to your table and find a lovely bowl of freshly steamed rice waiting for you to accompany your food.  Nice one. We found this video online, which describes it all!

The Food:
On my first visit to the buffet I piled my dish high with veggies, chicken, a bit of cajun seasoning and black bean sauce.  This combo was delicious.  Some people could find it a bit dry once it’s cooked but you can just throw in some more sauce afterwards to counteract this.  Problem solved!  This dish was delicious with steamed rice and lashings of soy sauce.  Nom nom nom.

On my second visit (yes, I’m a pig, ok?) I had chicken, veggies, garlic, parsley and sweet and sour sauce.  I followed a recipe this time.  Again this was delicious

Now over to Matt for his thoughts on the food…

Having been fortunate enough to have a few nibbles during the day I wasn’t overly hungry when we arrived at Mongolian BBQ. Having said that, I was intrigued by the business model and whenever you hear the phrase “all you can eat”, men generally step up to the plate (lol…) With this in mind I got my first bowl and put in some; red onion, bean sprouts, water chestnuts, peppers, chicken, garlic, chilli powder and then added some black bean sauce with a dash of honey-soy. This may have been a tad too much in terms of flavours, but I think it worked well.

We were both very happy with the food and service! It is a fun and alternative dining experience that you have to try :)

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