Monday, April 18, 2011

Review of The Orchard, Stillorgan

After getting fed up of the chicken fillet roll existence, a group of us decided to go to The Orchard in Stillorgan for a nice tasty lunch. Had heard a bit about this place from a few of the guys in work, but would usually have drank in Boland's, which I think is now McGowan's and the Mill House if I was around Stillorgan.

First Impressions:

Arriving at around ten past one, the car park was jammed, very lucky to get a space- typically a good sign for food!

We were presented with what could easily be the largest selection of lunch options I have ever seen. There was easily 20 different options ranging from soup, open sandwiches, to steak and cottage pies.

The Food:

Eimear decided to order the Goats Cheese Salad:

"The goats  cheese salad is an old favourite of mine at the Orchard. I have had it countless times and have enjoyed it each and every time. The combination of the crispy filo pastry and the soft cheese on a bed of mixed salad is always a winner. Perfect size and always served promptly. Sometimes I wonder if the chef is psychic as everything is served at lightning speed!"

Meghan got the Chicken Tenders with Fries:

"happy enough with the food, can't generally go too wrong with Tenders and chips though! good atmosphere inside and the service was grand"

Rosie ordered the Cottage Pie (which differs from Shepherds Pie as it is made with Beef- who knew eh?):

"In one word- Meh!! Sloppy, a tad tasteless and unsatisfied would be my cottage pie in a nutshell!! Having to use a lot of salt is a poor sign in my opinion, and I used a heck of a lot!!!

Matt (Me) Ordered the Rio Chicken Baguette

I ordered the Rio Chicken Baguette which was basically, marinated chicken pieces in a baguette with Marie rose sauce, lettuce and onion (..I think there was onion) it was also served with a few chippy-wippy's!" it tasted nice if a bit dry.. I later found out from observing another gentleman that it was usually served with a small ramekin of sauce.... woe is me...


It is a nice place for lunch when you fancy a treat for yourself that's not as bad as Eddie Rockets, it is not too expensive, I think the average price was around €10 for the lunch which is not too bad. The service was quite prompt and attentive and we were served our meal with enough time to enjoy it and return to the office.

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