Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review of Tenors, Naas

Type: European/ Modern
Price: **
Service: ****

First Impressions:

For those of you, who are unfamiliar with the Tenors Model: all starters and desserts are €5, all mains are €10 and they have a variety of sides and extras (where they make their money). They have two restaurants, one in Naas and the other in Donnybrook. (Left at the lights as you pass Donnybrook Fair, near Madigans)

Myself and Ev have been to Tenors a couple of times before, and were keen to take advantage of their mega super deal of €14 for 3 Courses. Unfortunately we were booked in after 6pm and couldn't avail of the deal.


We both ordered the Caesar Salad for our starters below, apologies for not ordering different things, there were lots of good stuff on the menu like spring rolls, chicken wings, pate and deep fried mushrooms.


I ordered the Cajun Chicken Burger with Bacon, which was served with Chunky Chips. I also got garlic mayo (the worlds greatest sauce)

I thought the burger was really good, juicy and was served with nice red onion and fresh crisp lettuce. It was delivered within 10 minutes of the starters being cleared which I think is always a good sign.

Ev ordered the Bolognese ala Creme, which was served with herbs and fresh Parmesan.. I love when they say fresh Parmesan.. what does that even mean? the stuff takes like 2 years to mature!

Ev of course has her own thoughts: "For my starter I ordered a Classic Caesar Salad.  The portion was generous and it was delicious.  Perhaps there could have been a bit more bacon in mine?  I seemed to have a lot of lettuce left over at the end!

I should explain something: I've been Tenors between 10 and 15 times, I'd say, and every time - EVERY TIME - I have ordered the Chicken Curry.  I know it's tasty.  I know it'll satisfy me.  And I know I'll get a poppadum with it.  It was a big deal for me, therefore, to order...SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  Cue fanfare.  This time, I ordered the Penne Pasta Bolognese A La Creme, and, because I was feeling like a carb fiend, a portion of garlic bread.  Again, it was a large portion (so large that Matt had to help me eat it) and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying something other than my usual Chicken Curry!  The bolognese sauce was creamy, a refreshing change from standard bolognese sauce, and had a slight tangy spicy flavour to it.  Very tasty altogether!  The garlic bread was good too, although it was a rip off at €3 for 2 pieces...

Service was efficient and friendly, and the ambiance was pleasant"

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