Monday, August 15, 2011

Review of Las Rada Tapas Bar, Naas, Co. Kildare

Having consulted with Tripadvisor, to which I believe we are all indebted, we noticed that the number one restaurant in Naas was Las Rada the Tapas Bar on the Newbridge road. Matt, having recently returned from Puerto Banus and also from a Tapas Course at Dublin Cookery School, was eager to celebrate his birthday Spanish style. Matt and Ev were kindly treated to a birthday dinner courtesy of Matt’s parents (cheers folks!!):

First Impressions:

When you walk through the doors, you are met with a heavy velvet curtain, which when drawn leads to an intimate and atmospheric dining experience with Spanish music and d├ęcor. We listened to Rodrigo Y Gabriella while we contemplated the Tapas Menu which was tiered in 3 price levels of €5, €6 and €6.50. A cocktail menu and wine list was also supplied.


We ordered 3 Cosmopolitans and 1 Mojito. They were a bit heavy on the ice and light on booze, but were tasty all the same for €6.

The Meal:

We started off by ordering 2 Tapas each… so 10 plates!! After that we ordered another 8 which filled us up nicely!

The food was served as it was cooked and was promptly delivered by friendly staff. The portions were pretty decent (3 Samosas, 2 Fishcakes etc) and most were accompanied with an individual dipping sauce. Apologies about the lack of photos on this post guys, the iPhone was on the fritz and we were starving!!

We ordered:
  • ·        Bruschetta
  • ·        Chicken Satay
  • ·        Fish Cakes
  • ·        Samosa
  • ·        Figs and Goats Cheese
  • ·        Monkfish
  • ·        Patatas Bravas
  • ·        Calamari
  • ·        King Prawn Tempura
  • ·        Nachos with Beef & Cheese
  • ·        Cod Gratin

The food was simple and hearty, cooked with fresh ingredients and delivered faster than a take away!

Our Favourites:

Matt thought the Fishcakes were excellent, with their crunchy exterior and a spicy coriander fish filling. This combined with its dipping sauce made this generously apportioned dish a winner.

Ev’s favourites were the Bruschetta and Samosas.  The Bruschetta was filling.  The tomatoes were ripe, and not at all bitter, with a simple basil and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  Yum.  It also came cut in half already to make sharing easier (this can be good and bad). J The spiced chicken Samosas were each a generous size, served with a Moroccan dip.  The pastry was crisp and light, and the filling flavoursome.  A winner all round!

The Satay was another noteworthy plate, enjoyed by all... perhaps why we bought 3 of them!


This is a great find for Naas. The Tapas was very good and reasonably priced. We had a great time and enjoyed the music and atmosphere. The only issue we had was the watery cocktails.

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