Monday, August 15, 2011

Review of Roly's Bistro, Ballsbridge,

Having been to Roly’s for the first time last September to celebrate Matt’s graduation with his family, we finally returned for a second visit last weekend.  We had been meaning to eat there for ages, and when Matt found out he had gotten a job (#winning), I thought I should treat him to a lovely luncheon in the intimate surroundings of Roly’s Bistro in Ballsbridge. 

They offer a set lunch menu at a price of €23 for 3 courses – bargain – so we booked in on Saturday afternoon for this.  I was very impressed that they ran this special offer on Saturdays.  The restaurant was very busy when we arrived, as it always seems to be, which we took as a good sign!  We wanted to test the adage that ‘you’ll never get a bad meal in Roly’s.’


To start, Matt ordered the Thai Fishcakes.  The portion was generous, including two large fishcakes, a side salad and a dressing of smooth sweet chilli sauce.  The fishcakes were, in the words of Matthew, “fantastic:” the breadcrumb coating was light and crisp, the fish was “hearty” and the sauce complemented it very well.

I had the Chicken Spring Roll to start, which was served with noodles.  The portion was fine, but looking at Matt’s two fishcakes, I would have liked if there was another spring roll!  It was very tasty, however, and the chicken and veg filling was crunchy.  The noodle accompaniment was simple but it worked!

Main Courses

Matt, for the first time EVER, ordered…wait for it…THE VEGETARIAN OPTION.  This committed meat-lover (lol) ordered the pappardelle pasta with shitake mushrooms, rocket and parmesan in a cream sauce. At first he found it rich and flavoursome, with the mushrooms adding a subtle crunch; however, this was later overpowered by the rocket, and perhaps, in his humble opinion, the pasta was too al dente.  …I liked it though! J

I ordered the chicken wrapped in parma ham, served on a bed of creamy mash with peas and gravy, but not gravy as we know it.  I’m not a pea-lover but this dish was delicious. 

Side dishes of pureed carrot, boiled potatoes with bacon and chives, and cabbage with white onion sauce were served with our main courses.  All the veg was tasty, but personally, I found the potatoes too hard.


Matt ordered the strawberry ice-cream on a homemade shortbread cookie.  Again, the portion was generous; The ice-cream was light and refreshing, almost like a sorbet, and the cookie rich and crumbly…if that makes sense!

I ordered the crème brulee, served with Vanilla ice-cream and garnished with mint. I really enjoyed this dessert and the ice cream was very good. Matt did wonder though whether it should have been served hot as in when the sugar was browned under the torch? I thought that it being served cool was perfect for me but who knows?


As you can see we have taken a crazy amount of pictures for this review. We do think that it is important for people to be able to see the food they eat especially if they are paying good money for it!

We had a fantastic lunch in Roly's and it was very good value. 3 Superb courses for €23 each. We both look forward to the day when Matt can take Ev to Roly's for her celebratory lunch. Roly's is 5***** and possibly the best lunch in Dublin.

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  1. I've eaten in Rolys many times and it never disappooints. Great photos in your review!