Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review of SkinFlint, Temple Bar, Dublin

For some reason I am always getting the name of this place wrong and calling it SkintFlint…(I even tagged the chair SkintFlint… Epic FAIL I hear you say!)

Having been an avid Twitter follower of Crackbird and their ingenious #tweetseats campaign, I really wanted to be a part of the SkinFlint Twitterverse and experience it first-hand. I was fortunate enough to enter the lottery to win a Free Dinner For 2 for last Tuesday by tweeting #ShutUpThatsAwesome @SkinFlint

I took along my friend Jack for the meal which turned out to be a selection of grilled pizzas all named after the mothers of the staff inside. Neat-o.

This might sound a bit dodge- but I ordered Suzie and Jack ordered Angela… and they were very good.. we were left satisfied. Go on the Moms!

Vital statistics:

Susie’s: “tomato, house chorizo, mozz, pecorino”
Angela: , “grana mozz, pecorino, thyme, sauté onion”

Regular Price: €12.50

IMHO the service was a bit slow, BUT they had been open less than 24 hours and some of the staff were new so I’ll cut them some slack.

The Grilled Pizzas-  Think the bottom half of a George Foreman  grill and you’re not too far off!
They were HOT and well seasoned. It is very easy to get good pizza in most places, but this was handmade, very tasty and rectangular- which is always a bonus!

What I like about this place- it’s hip and fun with a communal/hostel feel about it. It is like Wagama’s in that there are large benches where you sit at your spot, eat, chat and move on. (Probably an ingenious device that saves fitting out the place while decreasing meal time.. WIN WIN ). Also the staff are very friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming.

One staff member encouraged us to try the FIRE Honey, which was basically a bottle of honey infused with what seemed like chilli; hot and sweet. Drizzled it on a slice (as seen below!) and got that great hot, melted cheese, sweet, chorizo-y taste that makes you go…mmmmm, like you’re just happy out.
We had a tumbler of wine and a can of Heineken- how very student-y of us!

Overall: If you go there, you will enjoy it.

The Good: Fun concept, v.good pizza, friendly staff and a genuine buzz about the place- also the Fire Honey was deadly. Great social media campaign that creates instant chatter more so than any other restaurant I can think of.

The “areas for improvement”: To quote my mom “Cool is effortless, it just is.” I thought that this place was trying a little too hard to be cool. It was like urban outfitters with food. All it lacked was the waitress to have roller skates. Probably what typified this the most was the large roll of bounty covered in a brown paper bag on the table..

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Also took a pic of the SkinFlint Menu!

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