Thursday, November 17, 2011

Review of Trocadero Restaurant, Dublin 2

I (Ev) graduated from Trinity College Dublin in early November, so to celebrate the occasion my parents, sister, Matt and myself headed to Trocadero on St Andrew Street for a lovely relaxed evening of food, wine and chat.

The Trocadero has a long established reputation as the ‘theatre restaurant’ of Dublin: famous faces from stage and screen - many of them Irish - gaze down from the walls, and there are many production posters around the eatery.  Made up of five dining areas in what were originally two Georgian houses, the layout is unusual and endearing.  The décor could not exactly be called modern, but it is comfortable and classy, and adds character to the Troc.


Matt, Cora and I ordered the Chicken Liver Pate to start, which was served with redcurrant jelly and thin slices of toast.  The portions were generous and there was plenty of toast accompanying the pate, which made me happy!  The sweet redcurrant jelly was a nice contrast to the rich pate, though Matt found the sauce slightly runny and added... it could altogether more viscous!... (well said Matt...)

Willie had the Sweet Leaf Salad with Mango and Roasted Chilli Hazelnuts, served with red onion, Parmesan shavings and a honey balsamic dressing.  He really enjoyed it, and found it a ‘zesty’ refreshing start to the meal.


Matt went for the Baked Sea Bass Fillets.  There was loads of fish on the plate – two fillets of sea bass!  It was dressed with a red pepper and rocket salsa, which was fresh, light and complemented the fish beautifully. 

Willie ordered the Chargrilled Sirloin Steak, which was tender and delivered with an extremely flavorsome and rich peppercorn sauce. It was also perfectly cooked at medium.

Cora and I both had the Breast of Chicken with Tarragon Sauce. It was very well prepared and there was plenty of sauce to accompany the chicken.  We all shared lots of champ potato (Posh Mash Peeps!) and carrot and parsnip puree, which was delicious, rich, creamy and full of flavour.
Sarah ordered chicken goujons and chips and was very happy with them.  The portion was massive – as big as an adult’s!


We were super stuffed by this stage of the meal, so a whole dessert was out of the question!  Still, Matt and I ploughed on and shared the Pistachio Ice Cream, served in a tuile basket with cream and chocolate sauce.  It was delicious, and the pistachio flavour ice cream was a revelation to me!
Willie and Sarah shared an apple and blackberry crumble which was  very good and traditional.. a safe option some might say.

Overall Impression:

Trocadero presents itself as one of the most intimate and cosy venues in Dublin. The red velvet look and feel about the place, so steeped in history adds to the anticipation of any dining experience and we at MADFORTHEGRUB would encourage any and all of you to try it out! They do a great early bird and they’re not too pushy on what time you leave!

Restaurant in a word: Timeless

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