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Review of Taste of Everest, Baggot St.

Review of Taste of Everest, Baggot Street

My performance in the last review must have been up to Matt’s high standards, because I was rewarded with another ‘man-date’ even though his partner in crime, Ev, was home from London! Given an inch take a mile and all that jazz, so I’ll take what I can get!

Met up with Matt after work and went for a quick pint before heading to the Taste of Everest, a Nepalese/Indian Restaurant for a bit of grub. Once again this meal was purchased via a deals website and I would really start to recommend them; you get a good meal (usually min. 2 courses) and a few extras for two people for €30- €40. This meal voucher entitled us to any two starters and two mains for €30, which was very reasonable!

When we arrived we were met by a friendly host who quickly sat us at what seemed like the VIP table, tucked away nicely by itself by the front window. In fairness it may have been an advertising stunt to make it appear the restaurant was busy, but we were happy all the same. We were promptly brought a generous portion of Poppadum’s with three sides of Mango Chutney, Chilli Peppers and a creamy refreshing raita.
Getting something for free is always a nice touch but this really was delicious with the three flavours blending very well. Just want to highlight a the different eating habits; I preferred to try the sides one or maybe two at a time (neat freak maybe?) whereas Matt went with the gung-ho approach of mashed poppadums’ with everything on top. But hey, it gets down the same way.

The menu had plenty of choices and we kind of struggled to decide on our starters so we went with a sharing platter, which proved to be an excellent choice. The sharing platter consisted of Lamb Sheesh Kebab, Indian Style Chicken Wings and Vegetable Baji. There was plenty to go around between the two of us and they all tasted in great, my fave being the vegetable baji surprisingly, considered I love my meat! At this point we decided to go for the now customary bottle of vino (sure why not!) with Matt using his connoisseur skills to pick a 2010 Pinot Grigio. I was pleasantly surprised by the wine and really enjoyed it, evidenced by the quickly draining glasses!

The main courses duely arrived, with Matt ordering the Butter Chicken and myself the Himalayan Chicken both with Pilau Rice and a Peshwari Naan bread. I ordered my Himalayan chicken on the recommendation of the waiter, as I was looking for a tikka masala with a bit of kick in it (oooh yeah) and I really was not  disappointed. Lovely taste with a bit of kick to it, just what the doctor ordered. Matt went for the oul reliable Butter Chicken which was very creamy and tasty just how it is meant to be. The only thing I might say about the food is that the portions were not huge, they were not small but I would have liked a bit more chicken or substance.

As always a quick work on the host/waiter! He was a lovely chap, awwh, but I’d definitely say a bit over eager. He was a big fan of the 5 minute check in, which is not a bad thing at times, but we there were times when we could have been left alone, taking 15 mins or so chatting after the meal while finishing our wine for example!

Overall, I had another good night out with one of my good mates which is always great and had a nice meal in the process. I thought the food was good and the variety and choice was excellent. Once again you get what you pay for I think, and the €30 price tag on the deal voucher was about right, I am not sure if I would have paid more for it. Being fair though the food was good, the service was good and the price was good, so if the option of purchasing a voucher for the Taste of Everest came up again, I would recommend it.

As a last thought though, could the same night have been achieved with a good Indian takeaway and a trip to the off licence…. I am not sure, that’s for you to decide….

As always guys, love to see your comments on the blog!

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  1. Loved the write-up, we're always so happy to hear back from people after they've used our vouchers! One little correction though, our voucher was €25, not €30 ( so it's even slightly better value than expected! ;)