Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Review of Ouzos, Dalkey

As part of our anniversary weekend away, now re-branded as a romantic –mini-break (Twenty twelve fans…) we decided to start as we meant to continue. Ev had finished work in Killiney so we headed down to Dalkey village on Sunday afternoon. Matt had timed parking in the church car park perfectly to coincide with a communion/mass exodus. After 10 minutes of waiting ‘patiently’ in the car for the OAPs to get their dinted Jaguars out of the spots (Dalkey) we parked up and began our stroll.

We came across Ouzo’s on the main street. We had been advised to check them out previously in Blackrock but hadn’t had a chance.

2 Course lunch for €18 seemed agreeable and the environs were lovely.

We were greeted at the door and shown to our own booth- which is great because I hate those dinky 2-seater tables that mean you get ass-bumped by the waitress every 5 minutes. Live lobster cages on the way in – for some reason always gives me a good feeling about ordering seafood.

Ev ordered:


Chicken Liver & Brandy Parfait
“Our rich and smooth parfait served with a red onion, apricot & pecan compote”

Fun Food fact: The difference between Pate and Parfait, Parfait is sieved pate which makes is smooth (parfait is French for perfect… don’t ya know!)

Comments: Very tasty and smooth parfait with crisp delicate melba toast. Tangy flavoursome relish (compote) topped it off. What was nice about it was the individual portion of parfait served in its own bowl. I like it like this (same with lasagne... none of this ‘cut it from the bigger one’)


Chicken Ballotine

"Breast of chicken stuffed with spinach and goat’s cheese, served on mixed vegetables and potato rosti in a tarragon cream sauce"

Comments: Overall lovely. The cabbage/lettuce throughout was quite stringy and didn’t quite lend to the dish: would’ve preferred pureed carrots (think Roly’s)

Matt ordered:

Potted Crab & Shrimp

“Fresh Irish Crab meat with Boston shrimp in a creamy dill and mussel sauce topped with a Parmesan crumb”

Comments: very tasy, well presented. The Crumb had a crunch and was Parmesan-y and the crab was light and fresh. Lemon squeezed on top was all it needed.

Ouzos Fish“n”Chips.
“Fresh Haddock coated with a light tasty tempura batter seasoned with a hint of chili and fresh parsley and deep-fried. Served with sweet pea puree and Ouzos homemade fries”

Comments: Delish. Batter was spot on, really crisp and not gluey on the inside and you didn’t have to go looking for the fish inside it either. Mushy pea puree was very good (almost luminous green) although I think I prefer the texture of the mushy peas rather than a puree form… anyway the tartar sauce was very good and zingy and it all went down a treat.

Nice addition: waitress asked whether I wanted skinny or fat chips. Great to have the choice, but I like them big. (chips J)

Overall: Service was exceptional. Can’t fault the ladies who attended to us, we also got a ½ litre carafe of Sauvigon blanc for €15 which made the lunch even nicer. #boozylunch

Forgot to mention the breads that we were served were delicious (homemade brown x2 and cheesy doughy ones x2). Ev as you may have gathered from previous posts loves her carbs J

Appreciate that it was an expensive lunch 2 x €18 (food) + €15 for vino, but for the weekend that was in it, well worth it.

As always - happy to get feedback and mail us with any recommendations of places to review!

The Early Birds.

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