Monday, August 28, 2017

Review of American Social, Brickell

If you look up places around Brickell, American Social seems to pop up constantly. They’ve a cool insta-page and it kind of feels like an A&F type place. Myself and guest star Carl were in search of weekend sustenance before a day hitting the shops in Sawgrass Mills. We strolled down to the venue which overlooks one of Miami’s many waterways, which is nice.

After being redirected to a nearby coffee shop for 30 minutes until the system came up and they could seat us..we went back around to the still empty American Social and were told to see the hostess for seating, who then told us to pick a seat in the center.. Several minutes later we were told we had to move as someone had booked this table, (It’s worth noting, at this point, Matt got a little snappy with the waiter and later apologized). What was killing poor Matt was that there was seating for maybe 150 people, but we were the only people there AND still needed to be moved!

 - Rant Over -

The food….

American Social offers punters access to unlimited omelets for $21.50… I mean how many omelets could someone really want? We decided to go with the default brunch option the world over – Eggs Benedict. I like when places try to add a twist to a classic dish to improve or make it stand out. BUT – if you are going to do this, you need to get the basics right first. It’s like the Walk-Off in Zoolander, you must first duplicate, the elaborate!

The problem with their Benny was primarily a lack of care. The muffin/crumpet was too tough, so that when you tried to cut through it with a standard knife, you make a mess trying to separate the piece you want to eat – from the rest. It’s just laziness from the Chef and staff. If the bread is tough, consider a serrated blade.

Apart from the bread, the other issue was CD-sized disc of tomato they had wedged in there too. Tomato doesn’t belong in an Eggs Benedict. It’s too watery and doesn’t add anything to the dish. (BLT – completely different story).

The highlight of the dish was the home fries, which vary in interpretation from place to place in the states - much like the Eggs Benedict. They were hot, sweet and cooked very well. There was either cinnamon or caramelizing of the potatoes and onions which gave them a soft/sweetness which lends itself well to a brunch dish.

The other major highlight of the dining experience was our waiter, also named Matt – who was a great sport, put up with Hangry Matt and joked with us throughout the morning. Really decent guy.

All in all, the place is a bit too big to care about an individual. You get the sense that it’s quite corporate, again the use of terms like ‘The System’ never bodes well for me when it comes to service. If you are with a bigger group who just want a big open outdoor space with good views to hang out and eat some food, this place is for you. It’s not a little hidden gem that will surprise you. 

It’s a safe bet.


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