Thursday, August 24, 2017

Threefold Cafe, Coral Gables, Miami

Review of Threefold Café, 141 Giralda Avenue, Coral Gables, Miami

Okay, so it’s been about 4 years since we posted…… so apologies, we’ve been living and eating!

A lot has changed but a lot stays the same like finding a gem of a place or a super deal. One thing The Early Birds are probably doing a lot more of though is eating healthier or being more aware of the good, the bad and the ugly food wise.

After a few years living in the Caribbean, Matt has recently moved to Miami. Mostly for Instagram posts followed closely by work.. Getting the lay of the land of Miami eateries is tricky, there are many distinct genres that are distinctly of Miami. Cuban food seems to have evolved in Miami (along with very their good and sweet coffee).

Brunch is an event in Miami, and many of you who have been to 'Western' Hotels in Dubai or Vegas will know about bottomless Mimosa Brunches that can rage on for hours. It also happens here.
My new current favourite is the @Threefold Café in Coral Gables. It offers what I would consider a ‘Traditional Brunch’ – basically creative names for bastardised Eggs Benedict and adding ‘Smashed Avocado’ to most things on the menu.

Threefold Café does really, really good coffee. Probably the best I’ve had in the Miami /US to date. Which isn’t that hard, given the reheated sludge that’s regularly passed around in vats. This coffee is ground fresh for every cup by a very cool Barista guy, which is noisy due to the polished concrete floors – but definitely worth it, even if you have a hangover. Which you almost certainly do.
I’ve been here 3 times and ordered the same thing each time, which as a food blogger, is a bit limiting.

The Smashed Avo (obviously) includes; ‘Smashed Avocado, feta, lime and basil, butter & thyme roasted mushroom on ZTB bread [Add 1 (or more…) soft poached eggs* for $2.0 each] and is really well done. I think what makes this dish stand out from many other similar attempts is the mushroom and the lime. There is a freshness that comes through the feta & lime that lifts the dish from being a bit of a chew with the sourdough bread and avo, to something a lot lighter. I asked for the Siraccha hot sauce which (for me at least*) sets off the dish. I added a soft poached egg to it, because you can’t have brunch without eggs.

Price $13 + $2 for the Egg + $3 for an excellent Americano coffee + a tip round it to about $22.00. I know it sounds a lot, but again, this is Miami..

To sum up; great coffee, great service, straight forward menu, hip place. Go.

*After 2+ years in the Caribbean, I have become somewhat addicted to Hot Sauce / Hot Peppa / Scotch Bonnet.

As always - contact us on the twitter if you got some comments or even just memes to share!

Stay Classy
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